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Premium Hardwoods Inc. is excited to provide North Wood Flooring for your flooring needs.   We have a huge selection to create the best flooring for your project.   The wood species below are the types that we carry.

North Wood Flooring stands behind all of their products and guarantee that they are of the highest quality. They produce both unfinished and prefinished floors in Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, Red Birch, Ash, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, as well as Rift & Quartered Red and White Oaks, all in a variety of grades so that you can get the perfect combination of practicality and beauty for every project. 

  • Stock widths are 2-1/4", 3-1/4", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8" and 9"

  • All flooring is 3/4" thick.

  • Tongue and grooved, and end-matched

  • Square-edged and/or micro-beveled

  • Random lengths up to 8-1/2" long

  • Bundles are 8' nested and grade stamped

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northwood flooring.JPG
Red Oak.JPG
Red Oak description.JPG
Red Oak C2.JPG
Red Oak SB.JPG
Red Oak C1.JPG
white oak.JPG
white oak description.JPG
white oak SB.JPG
white oak C1.JPG
white oak C2.JPG
hard maple.JPG
Hard Maple description.JPG
Maple premium.JPG
Maple 1st.JPG
Maple 2nd.JPG
Maple 3rd.JPG
Yellow Birch.JPG
yellow birch description.JPG
Yellow Birch Common.JPG
Yellow Birch SB.JPG
Red Birch.JPG
Red Birch description.JPG
Red Birch Common.JPG
Red Birch SB.JPG
Ash description.JPG
Ash C1.JPG
Ash C2.JPG
Cherry description.JPG
cherry Common.JPG
cherry SB.JPG
Hickory description.JPG
hickory common.JPG
hickory SB.JPG
Walnut Description.JPG
Walnut C1.JPG
Walnut SB.JPG
Beech Description.JPG
Beech C1.JPG
Beech SB.JPG
Rift and Quartered Red Oak.JPG
Rift and Quartered Red Oak Description.J
Rift and Quartered Red Oak SB.JPG
Rift and Quartered Red Oak C1.JPG
Rift and Quartered Red Oak C2.JPG
Rift and Quartered White Oak.JPG
Rift and Quartered White Oak description
Rift and Quartered White Oak SB.JPG
Rift and Quartered White Oak C1.JPG
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